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FE65 cello and piano

Arensky wrote six pieces for cello and piano, made available together here for the first time in a century. All six works are character pieces, as their titles indicate – Petite Ballade and Danse Capricieuse (op. 12), and Orientale, Romance, Chant Triste and Humoresque (op. 56) – yet they are all works of substance, and stand comparison with the works for cello of Balakirev, Rimsky-Korsakov and Glazunov. Arensky’s lyric gifts – reminiscent of Tchaikovsky – are apparent in the slower pieces, and the faster ones require great virtuosity on the part of the performer. Either opus number could be played as a set in recital, or the individual pieces used as encores.

(see also Arensky op.56)

Cello and piano £7.50

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